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Mars Surface Terrain

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Common surface features of Mars - Wikipedia

Fretted terrain is a type of surface feature common to certain areas of Mars and discovered in Mariner 9 images. It lies between two different surfaces. The surface of Mars can be divided into two parts: low, young, uncratered plains that cover most of the northern hemisphere, and high-standing, old, heavily cratered areas that cover the …

Features of Martian Cratered Terrain - University of …

Features of Martian Cratered Terrain. Heavily cratered terrain on Mars was created between about 4.2 to 3.8 billion years ago during the period of "heavy bombardment ...

What is Mars Made Of? | Composition of Planet Mars

Mars' surface is covered by iron dust and volcanic ... What is Mars Made Of? ... the red planet has no tectonic plates that ride on the mantle to reshape the terrain.

The Terrain of Mars - Malin Space Science Systems

The Terrain of Mars. Mike Caplinger, Malin Space Science Systems November 1994 In 1976, the Viking Landers provided us with our only actual views of the Martian surface.

Martian chaos terrain - Wikipedia

Martian chaos terrain Chaos terrain on ... Chaos terrain on Mars is distinctive; ... Evidence for flow comes from the many lines on surface.

Mars Surface - Universe Today

How seasonal jets darken the surface of Mars, and how ice depth varies across Mars. Want to explore the surface of Mars, check it out with Google Mars. Here is some more information about surface features on Mars. Finally, if you’d like to learn more about Mars in general, we have done several podcast episodes about the Red Planet at …

What is Mars's surface terrain -

There are thousads and thousands of volcanoes; Mars is a ruggedy land with almost no plains. I am a professor at Duke University. › … › The Solar System › Planet Mars

Mars - Educational facts and history of the planet Mars.

Mars has some of the most highly varied and interesting terrain of any of the terrestrial ... The average pressure on the surface of Mars is only about 7 ...

What Is Mars? | NASA

Earth's next-door neighbor is often called the Red Planet because of its red soil.

Rough Road Ahead: Rocky Mars Terrain ... -

The Curiosity rover' s ... Rocky Mars Terrain Challenges Curiosity Rover. By Rod Pyle, ... these rocks were embedded in the surface like spikes in a parking lot exit.